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John M. Recommends Raymond E. "Terry" Ginn

I was a client of Terry Ginn's at the Ginn and Vickery Law Firm in connection with damage claims against firms involved in home remodeling work. Incorrect installation of a product resulted in serious damage to my fourth generation family home and the need for expensive repairs. After my fruitless efforts to hold these firms accountable, Terry agreed to take the case and filed a lawsuit on my behalf. Terry was successful in prosecuting the case and in reaching a substantial out-of-court settlement that recovered most of my damages. In this case, Terry faced a team of attorneys from three large law firms. In the end, Terry's skillful conduct of the case resulted in these attorneys offering to settle out of court to avoid risk of losing the case and setting a precedent damaging to their interests. I was very happy with Terry's handling of my case and would recommend his firm to anyone in need of effective legal representation.

– John M.

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